The Fan Club Changes Its Name!

September 20, 2017

After more than a half century we are changing our Fan Club’s name.  We have proudly been the Braves 400 Fan Club since 1965, a year before the Braves moved to Atlanta.  Our new name is the Atlanta 400 Baseball Fan Club.

Last November John Schuerholz and Derek Schiller approached us to see if we would be open to changing our name and logo, yet still be a booster organization for the Atlanta Braves.  After months of discussion, our board of directors agreed to change our name so that we can work more closely with the Braves.  In return the Braves will provide greater support, so that we can more aggressively grow our membership and do more (scholarships, charitable donations, etc.) for the community.  Fan Club members celebrated our name change with the Braves at SunTrust Park’s Terrace Garden on September 20th.  Pictured above are Rick Wheeler, Derek Schiller, and Paul Adams.  

While we are changing our name, the core mission of the Atlanta 400 Baseball Fan Club remains the same:

  • Support the Braves and baseball with a calendar of events that appeals to all members.
  • Support baseball at all levels in the metro Atlanta area.

Go Braves!